Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Family Photographs

Dallin and I were staring at the wedding photos hanging in our living room and we both commented on how different we look so we decided to update them...

A tripod is just as good as a photographer, right?
(jk I know the importance of an awesome photographer, we are just poor)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Date Night

fall date night

Warehouse layered dress
$93 -

Long sleeve blazer

PUR sheer red lipstick

Chanel black perfume

Dark maroons and blacks are perfect for your next date night! Pair this outfit with the Pearl Structured Satchel from for the perfect finishing touch.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mom turns 50!!

Happy Birthday to the world's greatest mother!!!!!! I am so proud to call her my mother and I am proud that every day I become more and more like her.

50 things I love About My Mom

1. Her laugh
2. Her patience
3. Her unconditional love to everyone
4. The way she serves others
5. Her sense of humor
6. Her cooking
7. Her cute sense of style
8. The way she handles stressful situations
9. The way she gives until she has nothing left to give
10. The way she leads by example
11. Her hard working attitude
12. Her love for animals
13. Her beautiful blue/hazel eyes that I luckily inherited
14. The way she makes light of even the darkest of situations
15. She is an awesome interior designer, her home always looks so cute
16. Her undeniable good looks
16. They way she puts butter on EVERYTHING
17. She never judges
18. She always makes you feel special
19. When she wrestles... and wins
20. Her love for country music
21. Her creepy, insane love for Luke Bryan and his ass
22. The way she knows how to find a good deal
23. She is creative and imaginative
24. She can solve any problem
25. She can find anything
26. The way she can make friends with anyone
27. I love that she is comfortable with who she is, it has taught me to be comfortable with who I am
28. She is an amazing friend
29. Her hippie lifestyle, Essential oils galore
30. I love that she is up for anything
31. I love that she puts up with me and my crazy rants
32. She is the best listener
33. She is always available whenever I need her
34. She always wishes she could do more, after we all know she had done plenty
35. She is the best shopping buddy
36. I love that she will dance with me
37. When I am sick, she was and still is always there to nurse me back to health
38. She always knows what to say
39. She is loyal
40. She always gets the laundry smelling so amazing!! HOW DO YOU DO THAT???
41. She is an amazing nail painter
42. Her cheer leading skills are not to be messed with.
43. I love that we share a love for hiking and the outdoors
44. I love how excited she gets over a salad mixer
45. I love that even after spending hours and hours with me she never seems to get sick of me
46. I love how accepting she is of all the mistakes I make
47. I love that I have a HOT mom!
48. I love her smile
49. I love her heart
50. I love that she is my mom.

I am lucky. Thank you mom for all you do! Thank you for all the diapers you changed, runny noses you wiped and ouchies you made feel better. I can't imagine having any one else for a mommy. I love you to the moon and back. Have a wonderful 50th birthday!!!!

p.s. Pinch Luke Bryan's butt for me when you see him next haha

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

SoHo Simple

SoHo Simple is my wonderful cousin and good friend Donna Kinghorns new business.

She is so awesome and I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to help her get her company running..

This weekend is SoHo Simple's official launch, Come visit us!! "Like" SoHo Simple on facebook and get a free gift at The Summer Flea this Saturday. Print off the coupon below for free admission. 

The website should be up and running with a complete inventory in a few weeks. Come check this stuff out. You won't regret it.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

25 things I learned as an undergrad

College is fun.
College is hard.
College is tiring.
But mostly, college is fun
I have compiled a list of things I have learned as college student to celebrate my final semester. 

  1. I learned how to think critically
  2. I learned how to ask questions, important ones
  3. I learned how to accept it when my beliefs are being challenged
  4. I learned how to get fired up in a passionately polite way
  5. I learned to chase my dreams, the time is going to pass no matter what. Go for what makes you great.
  6. I learned that not all my questions have answers and that's okay
  7. I learned to have an open mind
  8. I learned how to balance everything
  9. I learned how to be myself. And that doesn't mean always knowing which way to go, but knowing that the paths in front of you can lead you to anyone you want to be.
  10. I learned to be on the hunt. I have a thirst for knowledge I never thought I could have. I want to read everything. I want to know why I do what I do. which leads me to my next thought...
  11. I learned that faith doesn't mean blind obedience
  12. I learned that there is a certain percentage of people who are never going to like you, and I got over it (not completely, still working on it. JUST LIKE ME! OKAY? I'M COOL, I PROMISE)
  13. I learned that the friends you have now are probably the most true friends you will ever have. Anyone who can put up with my neurotic personality and busy school schedule is a true friend of mine.
  14. I learned that relationships are EVERYTHING. If you don't build good relationships with people you might as well be non-existent. (Even Liz Lemon, a real loner, had Jack Donaghy)
  15. I learned that the application process for FAFSA makes me cry... every year. 
  16. I learned to be okay with the fact that I am probably going to be poor because I didn't choose a money-making major. At least, I can love what I do.
  17. I learned how to have and be a support system. 
  18. I learned that college life is a constant battle of what should I eat and when should I shower?
  19. I learned that  if I can sign up for classes every semester with UVU's unorganized and frustrating registration software without killing anyone, then I can do anything.
  20. I learned that I never want to to do math again
  21. I learned how to be a professional procrastinator
  22. I learned how to stretch my dollar (however, I may have already known that because my mother was an excellent teacher and example)
  23. I learned that planning a wedding during midterms is not a good idea. ever.
  24. I learned that Disney is sketchy
  25. I learned that life happens and its so much happier if you just roll with it. 

I have loved my college experience, especially at UVU. 
I loved my professors and adviser. I will truly miss it.

Soon I will be applying to Grad school, if anyone has any advice for me I would LOVE to hear it. Thanks for stopping by my super exciting blog about my awesomely adventurous life. 

p.s. I think this is really cute and if you wanted to get it for me as a graduation present... I wouldn't be mad. not. one. bit.

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